5 Real Estate Marketing Content Essentials for 2024

Check out these real estate content standards that give your marketing and edge this year!   1. Personalized neighborhood/development-based content Create content focused on specific communities and areas to provide potential buyers with insights into the quality of the property’s development and to demonstrate to sellers that you “get” the edge that their community has … Read more

What’ s happening to RE Business Owner Profitability

In 2023 analysis, every RE business owner and broker I’ve interviewed has shared that while 2023 had high productivity, between Q2 and Q4, fast decreases in profitability occurred. Key contributors in order of financial change include: A need to heavily invest in marketing again. We haven’t had to do this in a while and those … Read more

BROKERAGE Real Producers


Brokerage Change YOUR CAREER As much as we don’t want to change brokerages, there is no one-size-fits-all for our entire career. We should annually evaluate the company’s value against our next steps & future needs. The best time to consider a change is just before the 4th quarter because the SWFL season really begins in … Read more

RECESSION Real Producers


Economic Uncertainty YOUR CUSTOMER You’re standing in the ideal property, and those dreaded words fall from the buyer’s lips like a Charlie Brown cartoon: “We think we’re going to wait.” Wonk. Wonk. Wonk. As a powerful real estate business owner, you confidently reply, “Got it. What’s stopping you?” To which they use a possible smoke … Read more

Market Discussion

There are 10+ reasons your customers need to understand, both buyers and sellers, that this is not a real estate bubble fueled by conditions of over-inflated markets of the past.  This is different. Download this report now for help in clarifying the market and understanding its dynamics.  

Are Your Prospects Responding to You?

Maybe they don’t want to be “sold” on anything. The mindset of the consumer is rapidly changing. Everywhere we look as consumers, hands are in our pocket. Compounded by recurring auto-pay memberships that we have to watch our accounts for and cancel, to the grocery store check-out asking us to “add a $1” charitable contribution … Read more

Best 10 Reasons to Sell over the Holidays!

The objection you’ll start to hear from Southwest Florida sellers over the next 60 days is that they are too “busy” during the holidays to sell. Educate them gently with the following reasons why the Holidays are the BEST time to sell a home here. People who look for a home during the Holidays are … Read more

Is there a “ME” in TEAM?

Agents constantly call and ask me about teams – developing them, joining one, selling one, and many questions in between. Throughout real estate history, there have been times when teams have been trendy and times when they’ve been necessary. We’re in a time of necessity and I only see the need growing. Why? Simply because … Read more

4 Things you Need to Know About the Current SWFL Market

Interest rates and inventory increases have caused a flattening in market prices. Seller’s aren’t getting as much for their homes today as they did in 2015. Most believe we are in a market correction that, depending on interest rate changes, could put us in our usual 7 year-average cycle of price decreases and rebounds. Many … Read more