Are Your Prospects Responding to You?

Maybe they don’t want to be “sold” on anything. The mindset of the consumer is rapidly changing. Everywhere we look as consumers, hands are in our pocket. Compounded by recurring auto-pay memberships that we have to watch our accounts for and cancel, to the grocery store check-out asking us to “add a $1” charitable contribution … Read more

Best 10 Reasons to Sell over the Holidays!

The objection you’ll start to hear from Southwest Florida sellers over the next 60 days is that they are too “busy” during the holidays to sell. Educate them gently with the following reasons why the Holidays are the BEST time to sell a home here. People who look for a home during the Holidays are … Read more

Is there a “ME” in TEAM?

Agents constantly call and ask me about teams – developing them, joining one, selling one, and many questions in between. Throughout real estate history, there have been times when teams have been trendy and times when they’ve been necessary. We’re in a time of necessity and I only see the need growing. Why? Simply because … Read more

4 Things you Need to Know About the Current SWFL Market

Interest rates and inventory increases have caused a flattening in market prices. Seller’s aren’t getting as much for their homes today as they did in 2015. Most believe we are in a market correction that, depending on interest rate changes, could put us in our usual 7 year-average cycle of price decreases and rebounds. Many … Read more

To Tour or Not to Tour!

That is the question – are virtual tours of value on properties that aren’t luxury? Why are some agents doing them and others not? We’re in the age of instant visual gratification. Click and see, high definition, three dimensional, vivid color and virtual reality aren’t just desired, they’re demanded! Not to have virtual tours or … Read more

4 Tools of Real Estate Business Tracking

Read, set, go! And don’t forget to track your results! As we prep for our FISCAL year, which in Southwest Florida Real Estate is October 1 to October 1, your business plan is an obvious necessity. Equally as important in executing your plan, are the tools to track progress and conversion. The systems that provide … Read more

Top 10 Ways to Take Summer Listings

Know the stats of summer sales in the past year and put them in terms of percentage. “According to our Multiple Listing Service, last year 14,8951 properties SOLD between Easter and September. This represents the end of season and the beginning of fall, or the SUMMER. That number represents 51% of the total sales that … Read more

Coach Kerri’s 7 No Non-sense Tips for 2018

I’m shocked to read the same old advice for 2018 regarding real estate sales business planning: Don’t become complacent. Write down your goals. Do social media. Seriously? These are the most basic requirements for running ANY business. Let’s talk about the Real Estate Business! THINK WIDER. Look to expand your business geographically. Technology and cloud-based … Read more

IRMA Stands for “Individual Results Mimic Action”

I coached an agent this morning who wrote a contract yesterday – and sold a listing he took within 12 hours in Ft. Myers! Customers and agents are asking how this will affect the real estate market. Well, we have experience with this and here’s what it says: Historically, new construction materials increase in price … Read more