12 Things SWFL Producing Agents Desire from Their Broker in 2023

  1. A chance to grow their business mix into a higher price point. GROWTH
  2. An opportunity to build a team or have admin leverage in place so they can do what they do.
  3. Entrepreneurial coaching and relevant business & market discussions – not “training” (they will want to often discuss an end game – selling or referring their business some day).
  4. Not to attend meetings that include “newbies” or that waste time.
  5. Superb and superior marketing DONE FOR THEM, branding them and in support of their goals. Brand story photography and a visionary perspective.
  6. Credibility of brand & culture/philanthropic team – one they’re proud to represent.
  7. Gorgeous, comfortable office space (for clients) with 24/7 accessibility.
  8. Digital & print marketing prowess (podcast options – showcase and highlighting the agent and connecting them to luxury exposure in their market).
  9. Awards and recognition that goes beyond the brokerage (i.e., board, associations, WSJ and beyond).
  10. Not to compete with their broker or hear how well their broker is doing personally.
  11. Quality, vetted leads in strong price points.
  12. Broker accessibility and support – particularly when deals are in jeopardy or litigation is threatened, a transaction saver.