FEARLESS 2024 IN NAPLES AND NASHVILLE SOLD OUT - Stay Tuned for our 2025 Dates

You Will Never Be The Same Again

When people are in session with me and they talk about FEAR, they say “my fear is…” or “I’m afraid of.” Not only are they giving voice to this animal, but they are laying claim to it as theirs! FEAR is an objective figment of your imagination. Before you can dominate your field or your life, you have to do three new things: 1) Change your Soul, 2) Own your Worth, and 3) Absolutely Deny Perfectionism. These are the port-holes through which FEAR enters and sinks you. – Coach Kerri

Join us for an evening’s experience that will have you going from victim to VICTORY, from fearful to FIERCE and from complacency to CRUSHING COMPETITION!

2025 Dates Coming Soon For

Nashville, TN

Naples, FL

Fairfax, VA

Boston, MA