Our Mission to Connect

ARES, pronounced “HEIRess” is founded on the belief that we are heirs to the throne of God. As such, we’re already royalty, and our gifts are abundant. Those gifts are meant to be shared. The company platform is firmly grounded in the Faith that we should give freely to others that which has been given freely to us.

It's our Mission to be certain every entrepreneur maximizes their God-given talent through personal & professional development. Unless you truly reach your full potential, you cannot fully give back. Giving back is what truly fills us up and makes us happy. So, until you maximize your abilities, you’re missing out on Joy!

Coaching can change your own life, and then the lives of those around you by multiplying your income.  Use your talent to exponentially increase your earnings so that you can share your abundance with those who are less-gifted. In that spirit, we feel called to the “least of these,” so we help provide shelter for women and children in the poorest countries – places where most of the population is comprised of youth.  Portions of our profit and proceeds go to New Story and other Haitian mission networks throughout the year.

Please join us in this humanitarian effort to create hope for these souls. Let's care about our careers and nurture our abilities to the max, so we can earn wealth to share, change lives, and experience true Joy.


Top-Notch Affiliates that support our Mission

Premiere Plus Realty

The Area's Largest, Independently-Owned & Debt-Free 100% Brokerage



Experienced Real Estate Legal Team assisting SWFL real estate professionals in all types of real estate transactions from contract to close.


Movement Mortgage

Movement of Change in the mortgage industry, in corporate cultures and in communities. Creating a referable experience for both homebuyers and real estate agents