NEXT LEVEL – Scope of Service

NEXT LEVEL Coaching is designed to help agents “Break Through” a ceiling in their current business and soar to the next level. This is not for agents that need accountability long-term. It’s focused on short-term solutions to maximize profitability and encourage the next level of growth and income. Coach will analyze past sales, farm area, business mix, market share, skills, presentation materials, business plan, branding, marketing and systems. Changes will be made quickly to propel the agent forward fast. This program is designed to run for three months and includes: one complimentary one-hour initial session, three 2-hour business planning & strategy development sessions, two 1-hour execution sessions, 3 bi-weekly half-hour business consulting calls, recruiting assistance for business/team talent, systems assistance and leverage tools, 20% discount on ARES events & activities (not to be used in conjunction with other offers), coaching materials for success, and any other offers as advertised by ARES from time to time.


  • **A 5% late fee will apply monthly if payments are not received within a five-day grace period from the due date.



    Areas of Responsibility:

    Both the coach and the client/agent(s) agree to:

    • Arrive to scheduled appointments and coaching sessions on time prepared for scheduled activities.
    • Respect each other’s time by communicating during scheduled sessions or calls. A coach is different than a broker, team leader, mentor or associate. The coach will coach during scheduled appointments only.
    • Provide any homework or materials within the agreed-upon time frames.
    • Participate fully and positively.

    Client/Agent(s) agree to:

    • Participate in growth/training events as suggested by coach, in line with business development plan.
    • Accept and review reading materials as suggested by coach.
    • Track and submit weekly activity reports as requested.
    • Keep coach informed of issues or concerns.
    • Talk with coach about business during scheduled appointments or scheduled calls.
    • Treat their business as a business; having a business ownership mind-set and profitability as a priority.
    • Have a 100% commitment to the experience, to raising the bar on industry ethics, and to their business growth.

    Coach agrees to:

    • Scope of Service as outlined.
    • Professional guidance on systems, tools and models to follow for increased success.
    • Hold agent(s) accountable to goal achievement.
    • Report local progress and important industry trends or changes so agent stays ahead of the competition.
    • Connect client/agent, as appropriate, with resources that can help their business grow.
    • Role play and real play skills improvement for maximum conversion in lead generation and actual customer appointments.
    • Help agents develop personally and professionally, stepping out of their comfort zone.
    • Promote agent(s) to further coaching opportunities and growth experiences.
    • Have a 100% commitment to the experience, to raising the bar on industry ethics, and to the agent’s business growth.

    Extension/Termination. This agreement runs for the term outlined in the Scope of Service from the date of execution. Client/Team Representative may terminate the agreement with a 30-day written notice to coach. However, no refund will be made and any commitment for monies due shall continue to be paid timely. Prices and services subject to change upon renewal. Client/Team Representative as undersigned below agrees to full responsibility of payment and to any collection or legal fees incurred by Coach or ARES Corporation in the process of collection, mediation, arbitration or litigation. Should a life emergency occur, Agent may “suspend” the coaching agreement in writing for a period of up to six months and then come back to coaching, not losing time committed in the Scope of Service. However, payments will still be due, paid timely in accordance with the original agreement since ARES, Inc. will continue to hold the coaching slot available.

    Oral representation. Agent(s) or Client/Team Representative and Coach agree that this Agreement constitutes the entire understanding between the parties and supersedes any other representation made by any party orally or in writing. The parties hereto, may agree to amend this Agreement from time to time only in writing, by mutual decision, fully-executed signature and by attachment hereto, including delivery to all parties.

    Severability. If any provision of this Agreement is found to be void or unenforceable by any court or arbitration panel, the finding will have no effect on any other provision of this agreement, and all other provisions will remain in full force and effect.

    Confidentiality. Coach and Agent(s) or Client/Team Representative agrees that all conversations are considered confidential and any written work shall remain the property of the Coach and Agent or Team Representative. All ARES forms, coursework, books, tools and systems are deemed the property of the productivity coach and shall not be duplicated or shared.

    Hold Harmless. It is agreed that the Agent(s) and Client/Team Representative will indemnify and hold harmless the coach; the ARES corporation, its officers, employees, or assigns; Premiere Plus Realty, or any other Realty office with whom coach may be affiliated, its owners, shareholders, employees, agents or assigns with respect to any and all claims, demands, legal actions, liabilities, proceedings, judgments, fines or other expenses including without limitation, attorneys’ fees and costs incurred arising from or related to default.

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