Are Your Prospects Responding to You?

Maybe they don’t want to be “sold” on anything. The mindset of the consumer is rapidly changing. Everywhere we look as consumers, hands are in our pocket. Compounded by recurring auto-pay memberships that we have to watch our accounts for and cancel, to the grocery store check-out asking us to “add a $1” charitable contribution to our purchase, we have to be on guard more than ever.

In fact, sales resistance is becoming communication resistance.

Buyers and Sellers are reluctant to even communicate with us as Real Estate business owners, because they have a fear of being SOLD on something they don’t want… even though we do have what they want and, even more importantly, what they need.

What’s missing in that attraction is the Significance one human being has for another – over technology – especially on a professional level. These days, we have less time to communicate our Significance – especially when, as Realtors, we are spending so much time chasing the other two “S” words… Survival and Success.

In speaking at a WCR luncheon recently, I challenged the agents to think about their business differently. Instead of the natural business progression of survival, then successful, then significance, we explored the idea of becoming Significant first.

If we approach every customer, core advocate and affiliate by asking ourselves “how can I be significant to this person,” and we clearly identify their need – we’re well on our way to success. And if success finds us through significance, then survival isn’t even a concern… it’s inevitable. I was prompted to this discussion through a daily John Maxwell devotional, where he mentioned that many of us never move past surviving in our businesses because we’re too focused on it. We must ask the right questions to find out what each customer needs in the moment. Only then can we create value (significance) to them.

So here we are mid-season – busy and pressured, many of us focused on surviving and succeeding.

Instead, what if we concentrate on how we can be Significant, right now, to the person in front of us, and then act on that with excellence and generosity.

Let’s watch our businesses grow from care, and attract more success than we could ever imagine!