5 Real Estate Marketing Content Essentials for 2024

Check out these real estate content standards that give your marketing and edge this year!


1. Personalized neighborhood/development-based content

Create content focused on specific communities and areas to provide potential buyers with insights into the quality of the property’s development and to demonstrate to sellers that you “get” the edge that their community has over the competition!
Highlight amenity factors that contribute to people being able to “see” themselves living there. Another way to make your content more engaging is by sharing high-res photos, interactive maps, and resident interviews. Remember… how you market yourself and a community is how a seller will see you marketing their property. It has to be visually superior and compelling.
Part of coaching with ARES, Inc. includes content provision. ARES intimately understands how to share messages with sellers and buyers that separate you from other agents. We can tee-you-up with content and quickly help you prepare posts and SMM schedules that are impactful with results.


2. Guides on lifestyle living

SWFL and Nashville are both major destination markets where jet-set home buyers and high-net worth individuals are attracted.

Your marketing MUST be all about the lifestyle, including interior design. People don’t move here because we build better homes than they do in Illinois or Michigan or California. They move because there’s a “happiness” to our lifestyle that is palatable and proven.

Downloadable documents (ebooks, etc.) on your website or FB page that gain registrations should be mostly about the lifestyle here. Just as you promote your own award-winning status in the industry, we must promote the area’s award-winning status for things like: best restaurants, nicest beaches, most-efficient airport, etc. Include articles where these cities have been named some of the happiest and most peaceful places to live! People are after more of that in their lives. Stay focused on using AI and GPT for lifestyle seekers – words are powerful… make them smell the Coppertone and the Barbeque!


3. Virtual tours across ALL properties

Data shows 97% of buyers use the internet to search for property and 63% of sellers use it to search listing agents.

Use your potential customer’s search-preference by creating content that captures their searching eyes. You can give one-of-a-kind virtual property tours using Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) technologies.

For instance, you can share 360-degree images, including VR elements and interactive property maps or home layouts. It’s a great way to give buyers an immersive experience that helps convince them to buy.
Hint: Matterport and live virtual tours have increased long-distance buying, sight unseen, more than 22%. Since we have destination/absentee markets – using these tools isn’t just a former pandemic necessity, but a convenience that’s proven to contribute to faster conversion of long-distance buyers.


4. Live streams showing market updates

ARES, Inc. knows that statistics are critical in creating urgency for customers. Both Nashville and Naples are markets where people don’t always “have to move.” As a 2nd and 3rd home market, these areas require agents to pull customers toward their decisions. We won’t be able to do that if we don’t use the market conditions and stats to demonstrate to customers that NOW is the time. It’s also the key to keeping them engaged with you. Positioning yourself less as a salesperson and more as a Market Expert will elevate your business faster than anything else.

For instance, you can run live Q&A sessions that reveal insights into the current market conditions, negotiation strategies, and financing options for homebuyers.

Using live streams, you can influence buyers to act on real-estate offers quickly. Since your live streams have several viewers, your audience will feel pressured to take immediate action; otherwise, they might miss out on the opportunity you’re offering.


5. Al-based predictive analytics on real estate

The optimal way to eliminate guesswork and share credible real estate data is to leverage AI-powered predictive analytics.

Predictive analytics helps you uncover and share articles, reports, investment opportunities, forecast property values, and other relevant insights into the real estate market. You can use predictive analytics data to showcase how your business helps customers make sound, data-based decision-making when marketing, investing in or buying real estate properties and assets. Two keys here:

  1. Start by investing in the right AI tools to ensure you share accurate and relevant real estate content.
  2. Cross reference the content with true talk tracks that encourage buyers and sellers. The messages will be different for all 3 audiences. Content needs to be accurate, relevant and
    although AI-inspired… it still needs to sound like your voice or your brand may begin to lack consistency. Although technology may be sexy, that doesn’t mean it’s 100% right. Use common sense in application.