10 Serious No No’s When It Comes to Your Branding Photo

By Coach Kerri | October 6, 2015

What does your professional real estate photo say about you?   In perusing websites all around South Florida, I see a serious divergence between “professional” and “photography.” Quality photography in today’s high-tech world seems like common sense. Yet what do they say about common sense? It’s not so common. Real estate agents have committed some serious … Read more

After Real Estate School (ARES) Boot Camp Earns State Approval

By Coach Kerri | September 17, 2015

By: PrutosPR Posted in:  Naples Daily News,, August 31, 2015 – Full Article The new real estate BootCAMP workshop, created through After Real Estate School, Inc. (ARES) and led by Certified Real Estate Mastery Coach Kerri Herrity, has been approved for 11 continuing education hours according to the Florida Department of Business and Professional … Read more

Listings – Still Simple and Personal

By Coach Kerri | June 15, 2015

It’s interesting to me how many agents no longer preview property as part of their daily schedule. As I walk through top real estate offices, I continue to observe Top Agents staring at their computers as if buyers and sellers will jump out of the screen, instead of being out in their farm areas mastering … Read more


By Coach Kerri | May 1, 2015

SUMMER LISTINGS – Key Components = Increase your LEADS, ROLE PLAY and PRACTICE OBJECTIONS, protect your SCHEDULE, MAKE THE CALLS! USE a proven script for leads, calls and presentation. Know the stats of summer sales in the past year and put them in terms of percentage.   For example – In the sunshine MLS, in 2011, … Read more


By Coach Kerri | May 1, 2015

Always meet buyers at the office! Always have buyers sign a loyalty agreement! Always do a thorough buyer consultation or “wish list!” You do the picking of where to go – limit it to 5-7 places. Show them in the office, on the big screen, 5-10 places you aren’t taking them and why (this helps … Read more

8 Keys to Leading your Team with Greatness

By Coach Kerri | May 1, 2015

  Maintain Absolute Integrity. When Leonard Roberts became CEO of Arby’s, the fast food chain was struggling. He turned it around by promising more service, support and money to his franchisees. When Arby’s owner disagreed and refused to pay staff bonuses, Roberts resigned from the board in protest and was eventually fired. He survived that … Read more

The Biggest Mistake Agents Make when They Get Ready to Write an Offer

By Coach Kerri | May 1, 2015

So the buyers says, “yes… let’s do it!”  The normal action most agents take is to whip out a contract and a pen and start writing.  WAIT!  The most important thing you can do is call the listing agent! Contacting the listing agent first is not only a courtesy to the agent, but it’s also … Read more

Top Script to Use in the Summer

By Coach Kerri | May 1, 2015

We all know the story – we call for listings and the seller says, “we will wait until next season.”  The truth is, homes sell in Southwest Florida year round.  As agents, we know this, yet how do we convince the seller?  Statistics and facts will always trump our opinion in the mind of the … Read more

The Success Equation

By Coach Kerri | May 1, 2015

I was going through some old papers yesterday and came across my first KW ALC clinic book.  Highlighted in bright yellow were some words by Shaun Rawls, who was recently named one of the 200 most powerful people in Residential Real Estate in the Nation. Shaun said that, “Success is 10% vision, 10% skill and … Read more