The 5 Reasons Agents will Succeed in 2016 – Rate Yourself!

Each year it becomes increasingly clear how simple the real estate business really is. Yet, I’m always intrigued by those that make it super complex, and procrastinate over the smallest of tasks. For example:

If you want to be a runner… put some shoes on, go outside and start running. Do that again the next day, and again the next day. Do as much as you can each day. Over time, you can become a runner. Now, I didn’t say it was “easy.” I just said it was simple. Still we have those that make this a daunting maze of mind-numbing analytics. First, they will begin to “plan” becoming a runner in the future (usually on a Monday or after the 1st of an upcoming month). Their minds stop their actions by over-analyzing the activity, dreaming up all the things that could go wrong, and then scheduling any action to begin days or weeks from now, because they have to “get ready.” First, they have to shop for the clothing to wear as a runner. Then they will read about it on-line. Then they will think about all the weather issues and begin to second-guess running all together, opting perhaps for a treadmill. Ah, then we have the question of money. “Can I afford a treadmill? What kind is best?” (Back to research on line.) Then, the what-ifs begin. “What if I get hurt or my knees start to bother me? Maybe walking is better. Perhaps I should talk to my doctor first… and I can’t get in to see her for a few weeks. Besides, my new health insurance may not cover that visit.” Before they know it, weeks or months have gone by with no results, only reasons for non-performance. Then, in the ultimate self-mind-game, they convince themselves and others that it wasn’t ever a good idea in the first place. “I’ve never liked running anyway. They say it’s really not that good for your joints. I’m looking into swimming.”

So, here are the 5 reasons some agents will succeed this year, and most will not:

  1. They set an executable business plan in place and are acting on it immediately. Knowing the goals you have to hit daily takes the guess-work out of success. Keep your plan in a place where you can see it and know, on any given day, if you are ahead, behind or on-track for success. Stay committed to your plan for a minimum of six months. It’s not easy, but it is simple. Avoid following distractions or mirages of leads that may appear better, faster or easier.

Question: Do I have a business plan and am I acting on it now, today?

  1. They lead generate every day. Successful agents know that a day off from lead generation is a “day off” from work. Think about lead generation as the gas pedal on your car – without it, you don’t move forward.

Question: Am I lead generating every day without exception?

  1. They treat their business as a business, not a hobby. Successful agents will typically work 50-60 hours per week. If you took a “job” where you could earn an unlimited income, you’d probably put in some overtime, right? Strong agents follow a structured schedule and don’t take time off unless it was planned or an absolute emergency. They also recognize they will have to spend money to create automated business systems, alongside their personal work efforts. They understand the value of business capital, leverage and hiring talent to their weaknesses.

Questions: Am I following a daily/weekly/monthly schedule? Have I committed the funds necessary to get the systems or talent I need in place?

  1. They never stop learning. Top agents recognize the value of continued education, particularly in studying the market. These producers know what’s happening statistically in their farm areas and exactly which statistics to use to get buyers and sellers moving.

Questions: Do I have time each week scheduled to study the market statistics? Do I have the next seminar/workshop/training event for my personal growth on the calendar?

  1. They seek accountability. Practicing real estate requires relationships. Most of the agents who are failing are isolating themselves. Achieving individual, self-driven goals becomes 80% easier when there’s someone watching, helping, and holding you accountable to your activities. This is why top athletes, executives and leaders have coaches in their worlds.

Question: Who is watching, helping and holding me accountable each week to my activities?

Will this be a year of success or silly excuses for you? Keep it simple. Put your shoes on now and go.