Listings – Still Simple and Personal

It’s interesting to me how many agents no longer preview property as part of their daily schedule. As I walk through top real estate offices, I continue to observe Top Agents staring at their computers as if buyers and sellers will jump out of the screen, instead of being out in their farm areas mastering their markets.

“But you know, Kerri, it’s all about technology now!” Hey, I get that technology is a part of our real estate world big time. Still consider this… I don’t know about you, but I’d rather walk through some gorgeous properties and leave my business cards… meet a few neighbors… check in with the golf and social membership directors… pet a dog or two… become an expert on the “best values” in town and follow-up when the listings expire, than to pay thousands each month for internet sites to sell me my own leads.

A few years back I was previewing a property in Palmira. I happened to set off the house alarm in the process. Several neighbors came out of their homes in the beautiful little village of Ravista to see what was going on. I quickly collected their names, phone numbers and emails… confidently told them I’d be taking the listing and offered to keep them informed of the sale. This led to 3 other transactions (not all of which were in Palmira) – but still a trifecta. Ching ching ching. What did I spend to make that happen? Not a dime. Is it a simple approach? Absolutely. Elementary, even? Sure. Yet the best years I’ve had in the business have always been when I’ve gone back to the basics.

Consider working property previewing into your daily schedule. Leave your business cards, make notes on the property and talk to the neighbors along the way. Real Estate is still a people business. Get out there – keep it simple and personal!

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