Top 10 Ways to Take Summer Listings

  1. Know the stats of summer sales in the past year and put them in terms of percentage.
    “According to our Multiple Listing Service, last year 14,8951 properties SOLD between Easter and September. This represents the end of season and the beginning of fall, or the SUMMER. That number represents 51% of the total sales that happened last year. So, can you only afford to have a 49% chance of getting to ________________________ (motivation) this year, Mr. Seller? Let’s do this the right way and get your property sold now.”
  2. Know what’s happening in the area!
    “Did you know that there are more than 109 new construction communities developing in Collier and Lee County right now. AND, according to the Market Watch statistics from Economic Development, more than 12,000 homes are scheduled to come on the market in the next 18 months. Over 13,603 permits have been pulled for construction. “As new homes continue to hit the market, your home will be competing with newer properties… many with amenities like golf memberships and design packages builder’s throw in that we can’t compete with.”
  3. Sellers think that nothing happens here in the summer. Take the time to know what’s sold in the neighborhood or price range since they came off the market, or since you last spoke.
    “Since you’ve been off the market, Mr. Seller, more than XX homes have sold in your price range and some weren’t even as nice as yours. That tells us the buyers are clearly here buying. Wouldn’t it be great if yours was one that already sold and you didn’t have to deal with this anymore?”
  4. Have the competition comparison by script.
    “So we know that most sellers act alike and take their homes off the market in the summer. Do you think, then, that you may have MORE or LESS competition in the summer? <>Absolutely! And doesn’t less competition mean a better opportunity for getting YOURS SOLD at the best price? <>. Right! So let’s do this right and get your home AHEAD of the competition this year.”
  5. When they talk about continuing to wait, remind them that the buyer pool is shrinking.
    “Interest rates have taken hikes recently that have buyers moving off the sidelines. As they increase, the buyer pool will shrink. Many will get priced out of the market, and others will choose different investments. Fewer buyers means a higher or a lower price for your property? <> Right. So if you knew you could get more money NOW than any time in the next several years, you would sell it now, wouldn’t you?”
  6. Make JUST SOLD calls. Everyone wants what they think someone else has! Use the just sold script.
  7. TERMINATED Listings. We have a TON of terminated listings, more than 3,000 year to date in our MLS. Call them all! Be ready to educate them on how YOU specialize in selling homes that have been on the market for long periods of time without results and can show them EXACTLY what works in this case! (They think all Realtors are exactly alike. Be ready to tell them how you are different in a few short, POWERFUL words).
  8. Make a Summer Fly and Buy Part of your marketing or newsletter.
    Simply Google it or review it on local agent websites to gain an understanding and ideas for how to promote it!
  9. Don’t let hurricane shutters stop you! OBJECTION – OUR HOME IS CLOSED UP for the summer.
    “Yes, I anticipated that… many are! May I share with you how that works to your advantage? <> It’s our experience that buyers here for the summer actually appreciate the care certain owners… like you… take to protect the property. It usually becomes a plus, and that’s how I sell it. Remember, we sell new construction here – properties from dirt where nothing exists! We can make people see your home beautifully through marketing. So let’s move forward now…”
  10. Promote your sales/listings and open house successes on social media LIVE. Make sure that people are being re-educated that business happens in the summer. Their perception is their reality. Create that reality for them!