Real Estate Superbowl? The 9 Differences Between Winners & Losers

We’re talking about winners this week on the heels of the 2018 Superbowl. How exciting to see two grown top producers in their industry witness on television for the world to hear that their wins are due in great part to their faith. We’ve also been talking about losses this week as the stock market took a serious dip. I’ve heard various professionals talk about it differently. As you decide who you will communicate with in your business and who you form alliances or relationships with – there are clear places where I see a difference in winners and losers. See if you can figure out where you fit or where people on your team fit.

Difference between Winners & Losers


  • Avoid or say “no” FIRST
  • Have to be pushed for answers & don’t find solutions to problems
  • Don’t fulfill your needs and end up giving you back pieces of their job
  • Don’t know what they want
  • Allow their circumstances to dictate their results
  • Require you to push them
  • Chase money to pay the bills.
  • Continually attempt to succeed on their own, by themselves
  • When having a bad day, losers quit.

  • Never avoid. Don’t say “no” until they completely understand the opportunity
  • Push for solutions by taking ownership & bringing problems to resolution
  • Share your goals and fulfill your needs as a natural by-product of fulfilling their own
  • Know exactly what they want with laser focus
  • Create their experience regardless of their circumstance
  • Pull you up
  • Chase a passion for being the best
  • Recognize that the only way to truly succeed is alongside others
  • When winners have a bad day, they fire themselves and come back tomorrow as their better, newer replacement

If you have any questions about being part of a winning real estate TEAM, I’m recruiting WINNING TALENT right now for people that want to go to their own superbowl.

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