4 Tools of Real Estate Business Tracking

Read, set, go! And don’t forget to track your results!

As we prep for our FISCAL year, which in Southwest Florida Real Estate is October 1 to October 1, your business plan is an obvious necessity. Equally as important in executing your plan, are the tools to track progress and conversion. The systems that provide automated tracking often lack dashboard visuals to quickly see what’s happening with each lead. Here are four to make it simple, yet comprehensive.


Until a prospect is ready to do business and qualified to do so within the next 6 months, it’s not a lead. It’s just a prospect. Prospect information stays in your CRM until such time as they become LEADS.

Tracking LEADS

Using a pipeline tool for leads is still effective! This simply consists of a list format either through your CRM or on a simple excel spreadsheet of the customer, last time contacted, when they’ll sell or buy and what YOUR NEXT STEPS are with that person. Moving leads through the pipeline to become customers or OFF the pipeline because they aren’t qualified is the intention of the tool.

Tracking CUSTOMERS – Written Business

A lead becomes a customer when you’ve signed an agreement with them. Move customers to the WHITEBOARD tool. Whether a seller or buyer, the whiteboard provides all the steps necessary to conduct an efficient transaction. Along with App Files, Dot Loop or other transaction support systems, the whiteboard allows you or our team to customize steps and procure referrals.


A customer becomes a referral source once the business is closed. Move referral sources to the SALES TRACKER tool. This tool provides key information such as % commission received, specific source of business, sales cycle and business mix. This data is particularly useful in analyzing last year’s business and forecasting.

Most agents start with awesome business plans, but never achieve the goal. According to Sean Covey’s Four Disciplines of Execution, one of the main reasons is that they don’t keep score. These tools help you keep score every step of the way, forecast business, focus on conversation and exponentially growing your repeat and referral business opportunities. All tools can be found on the website under Coaching Client Resources.