Top Script to Use in the Summer

We all know the story – we call for listings and the seller says, “we will wait until next season.”  The truth is, homes sell in Southwest Florida year round.  As agents, we know this, yet how do we convince the seller?  Statistics and facts will always trump our opinion in the mind of the home-owner.  Try this:

Know the stats of summer sales in the past year and put them in terms of percentage.   For example – In the sunshine MLS, in 2011, 4,588 homes SOLD between May 1, 2011 and Sept. 1, 2011.  The total for the year was 12,585… or 37%.  Can you only afford to have a 63% chance of getting to ____________________ (motivation).

(Sellers think that nothing happens here in the summer).  Take the time to know what’s sold in the neighborhood in the last month (or in their price range, if none)… so you can quote that – and say “buyers are clearly here buying…wouldn’t it be great if yours was one of those?”

Do the competition comparison by script – “So we know that most sellers act alike and take their homes off the market in the summer.  Do you think, then, that you may have more or less competition NOW by… thinking differently…. and having yours out there?  <<less>> Absolutely! And doesn’t less competition often mean a better opportunity of getting it sold at the best price?  <<yes>> So, let’s do this right and get your home AHEAD of the competition this year.”

Use The WINDOW OF OPPORTUNITY discussion….   “Mr. Seller… are you aware there’s a unique window of opportunity to sell property right now?”  <<no>>  “I’m glad I called you because we’re in a market now where FOUR factors are creating a seller market..  may I share them with you?  <<yes>>  First, buyers are more serious than anytime in the past 4 years – statistics are showing this  – because prices are up 10.3% over last year and sellers are getting 94.3% of list price!  Second,  interest rates are STILL at historical lows and we know that will change, THIRD we haven’t had any regional economic influences (such as hurricanes or oil or the beach) to affect buyer thinking, and FOUR inventory has dropped 44% just in the last year – which means there’s less competition out there – we know that will change as builders start to build newer, better product this year… so, let’s not gamble this window away … let’s get this done right – CLOSE.”