The Success Equation

I was going through some old papers yesterday and came across my first KW ALC clinic book.  Highlighted in bright yellow were some words by Shaun Rawls, who was recently named one of the 200 most powerful people in Residential Real Estate in the Nation.

Shaun said that, “Success is 10% vision, 10% skill and action, and 80% accountability.”

Perhaps he wasn’t the first person to say it.  After all, that’s the reason why people have more success with groups like Weight Watchers than they do losing weight without the “watchers.”

So we could say that accountability = success and success = accountability.  This started me thinking about those that avoid accountability.  Are we avoiding success?

And those that give accountability are perhaps so caring and giving to those they love that they simply want them to succeed at a high level.

Yet some of us avoid our accountability partners.  Are we avoiding letting others in our world who can actually improve our lives? 

So the question we might want to ask ourselves is…  Do I really want to be better and, ultimately, successful?  And if the answers to this question is yes and yes – then are my actions aligned with my intentions every day?  (BTW that’s the definition of Integrity).

Just a thought –

Coach Kerri