1. Always meet buyers at the office!
  2. Always have buyers sign a loyalty agreement!
  3. Always do a thorough buyer consultation or “wish list!”
  4. You do the picking of where to go – limit it to 5-7 places.
  5. Show them in the office, on the big screen, 5-10 places you aren’t taking them and why (this helps eliminate the “what else is out there” mindset!
  6. Always go in the same car – YOURS!
  7. If they say anything positive about the place, affirm.
  8. If they say anything negative about the place, zip it!
  9. Keep narrowing it down to the best one by asking:  “So what do you think about the size of this home?”  “What would you change?”  “What else would you change?”  (keep going until you have the whole list).  IF the items are easily changeable like carpet, paint… CLOSE by saying – “So taking into consideration we want new flooring and paint, and knowing the house is priced at $________, what would you offer?”  After they answer, you simply say, “Great, let’s put that on paper and see how far we get.”