Quick New Year Review

Great leaders will tell you that when you’ve crossed the lake, stop on the bank and look back at the view for a moment. Think about the journey, assess what you’ve learned, and DECIDE what you will carry with you – before you head across the next one.

New Year Review

  1. What 3 things did I do really well in 2016?
  2. What was my most life-changing discovery in 2016?
  3. What 1 thing will I commit to doing differently in 2017?
  4. What book am I reading now to expand my business mindset or skill? If none, what will I pick up TODAY?
  5. What is the next educational event I will take part in to grow myself personally?
  6. What is the 1 habit I need to change or introduce to my world to set myself up for success in 2017?
  7. When I sit down the first week of January 2018, just as I’m doing today, what do I want to see/how do I want to feel/ and what ONE thing do I need to do that ensure that?